Purchase of UV Cabinet Door

Purchase of UV Cabinet Door

UV cabinet door is a kind of door panel which is popular among consumers. If you have the intention to choose it for your custom cabinets, you need to make a corresponding understanding of it. Here, we’ll discuss the disadvantages and disadvantages of UV door panel in details.

UV painted Kitchen Cabinet

  1. Advantages

1.1 Smooth surface with full film. From the outward appearance, the UV cabinet door panel does not only have obvious specular effect, but also reflection effect. And its film looks very thick and full.

1.2 Green and healthy, non-fading. UV door is made of UV plank– a new material that is friendly-environmental, and has rich colors, non-fading and other advantages. Thus, UV cabinet door panel also has such green, healthy, and non-fading merits.

1.3 Scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-acing. UV door is the same as plastic cabinet door panel, which has good scratch resistance, corrosion resistance as well as anti-acing. UV cabinet door panel can be cleaned directly by using steel wool. It does not damage its surface or color.

  1. Disadvantages

2.1 Bad humidity resistance. In the wet circumstance like kitchen, good humidity resistance is the most practical. UV cabinet door panel is not good at moisture-proof, so it cannot be used for a long time.

2.2 Poor high temperature resistance. A good cabinet must have good high temperature resistance that is one of the basic conditions.

2.3 Easy to peel off painting. The surface of UV door  has high hardness. But if bumped, it’s easy to peel off painting.

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