Types of Countertops

Types of Countertops

What types of countertops would you choose?

Kitchen decoration is very important part in the home furnishings. Kitchen Countertops are also the place that must not be overlooked. Whether the daily diet or the delicious food to serve the guest, they both come from kitchen– a vital place to make delicacy, and assemble kitchen utensils, sundries, as well as lampblack. If kitchen decoration is not good, it can deduce a person’ s interest in making tasty food, and be very difficult to clean.

Wooden Countertop

If you like artistic kitchen style, you can choose wood. Wood gives people the most primitive, warm and natural feeling, also looks comfortable.

Whether it is solid wood or fireproof board, you should be careful not to put the hot pot on it directly, and clean it on regular.

Advantage of solid wood: good looking

Disadvantage: easy to crack

Routine maintenance: solid wood needs to be painted or covered with wood wax before use. It can protect the wood surface better and make it live longer.

Compared to solid wood, fireproof board is based on density board, which has a better fire resistance and an affordable price.

Advantage of fireproof board: anti-fouling, anti-oil, heat-resistant and easy to clean

Disadvantages: difficult to achieve seamless splicing, easy to degum and deform after long time use

wood countertops



Stone Countertop

Stone can be divided into natural stone and artificial stone. The most common material for countertop is marble whose noble appearance is highly touted by the public. If countertop made of marble, it has good and higher hardness.

Advantages of marble: wear-resistant, heat-resistant, not easy to deform

Disadvantages: stitching with gaps, easy to absorb oil and infiltrate color, not easy to clean

Routine maintenance: stone surface is very sensitive to acidic substances, such as lemon, cola, etc. It’s not suggested to use highly corrosive chemicals while cleaning. Try to use a wet cloth to clean as much as possible.

There’ re types of man-made stones. The integral forming without seams is an ideal choice with different kitchen styles.

Advantages of artificial stone: wear-resistant, anti-acid, heat-resistant, anti-fouling and anti-leakage

Disadvantages: appearance texture is not natural enough, not strong to resist scald, and the price is high.

Routine maintenance: soap water can remove most of dirt and stains. Risen the surface quickly when it contacts with strong chemicals.Do not cut directly on the countertop.

Stone countertops



Ultrathin Slab

Ultra-thin slab production process is complex It’s good to look, good to use, good at everywhere, but its price is very expensive. The thickness is only 3mm, but it’s super strong, easy to wash, not easy to scratch and its anti-bacterial index blasts table.

The key is you can cut vegetables directly above. Even chopping board is not necessary.

Advantages of ultra-thin slab: diamond hardness, unchanged color, 1500-degree-heat resistance, 3-hour open flame without effect

Disadvantage: high price

Routine maintenance: no excessive maintenance, light wipe can be clean



Stainless Steel Table

If your home decoration is close to industrial style or you like metal texture, you can choose stainless steel countertop.

Stainless steel countertop is called the easiest one to clean up, such as hotel kitchen where basically use stainless steel countertop. It’s not only resist fire, high temperature, but also easy to clean and resist bacteria.

Advantages of stainless steel: integrated countertop and cabinets, never crack, little affected by the high temperature

Disadvantages: very easy to leave scratches, avoid using sharp utensils to touch the surface

Routine maintenance: do not use steel balls, chemical cleaning or steel brush to wash. Use soft tower or scouring cloth with water, brightener. The product that’s strong to decontaminate and remove water stains is first choice.

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