Custom cheap slab cabinet door for sale

Custom cheap slab cabinet door for sale

  • Available in made to measure sizes
  • Hand painted 6.5 USD/square foot
  • Vinyl wrapped 4.7 USD/square foot
  • Freight costs will be added according to your location

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Limitless Cabinet is a China based slab cabinet door supplier, we  offer custom cheap slab cabinet door for sale online. Here recommend you the Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors Introduction

1. All raised panel cabinet doors could be custom made to any size that you need.

2. Finishes:

3. Colors selection:

The color of hand painted cabinet doors

cheap slab cabinet door

The color of thermofoil cabinet doors

slab cabinet doors for sale

Retail prices of cheap slab cabinet door:

  • Matt/gloss hand painted 18mm thick MDF:                                                                                                                                    6.5 USD/square foot  or  69.8 USD/square meter
  • Thermofoil/ Vinyl wrapped 18mm thick MDF:                                                                                                                                4.7 USD/square foot  or  49.8 USD/square meter

Please kindly be noted that the freight cost is not included. It varies a lot depending on your country.

Tips for slab cabinet door for sales

In general, the thing that determines the price of the cabinet door is its material. Solid wood cabinet door’s price is relatively expensive. Relatively speaking, the paint cabinet door and the molded cabinet door are relatively cheap. Following are the five kinds of mainstream cabinet doors on the market. It’s more cost-effective to compare.

Paint cabinet door price

If you prefer a cabinet door with a lacquer finish, the cabinet door is cheaper, and there are also very good but cheap painted door panels.

Molded cabinet door price

Molded cabinet door panels are now also more popular among consumers, and the price of molded cabinet door panels is relatively cheap compared to other cabinet door panels. The surface is formed by a plastic suction process, which is more convenient and convenient for cleaning and maintenance. It can be said to be a high-quality cabinet door, and its price is also very reasonable.

Acrylic cabinet door price

A new type of door that is used in the market is mainly made of acrylic material. Because this kind of material is one of the more popular nowadays, it will inevitably be high in price, and the acrylic cabinet door is very excellent

Solid wood cabinet door price

Crystal steel cabinet door price

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