Nordic Style Is Not Normcore: This is a very nice house!

Nordic Style Is Not Normcore: This is a very nice house!

Danes work an average of 33 hours every week,

Finns work 40 hours per week,

Nordics enjoy a 25-day paid vacation per year.


Because of the cold, and the short-time sunlight,

Nordics get out of work early at 4 or 5o’ clock.

Thus, they have more time to enjoy life.

Then, lifestyle changes into their homes,

Which creates an elegant, pure and lovely Nordic Style.


The premise of Nordic style decoration:

To practice the idea of “Less but Better

Combined with national conditions, we should improve the storage.

nordic style

About Less but Better

Nordic style is not cheap as the most people say. On contrary, many furniture is very expensive.

Do not seek cheap to make the home full of shoddy imitations, but being patient as the Nordics–put quality before quantity.

Because it’s not cheap, then less.


About Storage

Because less but better, the storage of Nordic houses is 8%, while it takes up 12% in China. Thus, we should consider our national conditions, increasing the storage space to avoid the trouble of goods accumulations.


The charm of the Nordic style can be generally divided into two types:

Natural style ad modern style

Today, we come to know the natural style first.


Natural Series: color matching


White accounts for the large proportion in the natural style. Considering the low latitude of China, it’s recommended to add a small proportion of gray, which is better to create a clear and transparent space.

Similar to the buff of withered grass, the maple of wood, the line of fallen leaves, the sepia of bark.

The colors in the earth tone are presented by lots of wooden articles. Various colors of log have echoes, like the songs of the forest.

Furniture woven comes of folk arts and crafts, traditional, strong, and cheap, which can be the essence in the decoration.


The Nordic natural style is very simple.

Find our modular storage systems of nordic style.

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