How to place and install the modular combination storage cabinets


Modular combination  storage cabinets ? The modular storage cabinet of the bathroom,kitchen,living room is quite useful. Because we want the home need to be clean and tidy, then we need to carry out simple storage. How to arrange and install the storage cabinet is a problem we should solve. Let’s take a look at what you need to pay attention to.

modular combination storage cabinets

modular combination storage cabinets

How to install modular combination  storage cabinets

  1. Seal the package with a blade and take out the the storage cabinets. The first thing to do is to conduct a regular inspection of the purchased flat pack cabinets. At this time, we mainly need to check the number of packages. Then we can see if the specifications or colors are uniform.
  2. When installing the bathroom storage cabinet, the position of the hole should be measured according to the hole position and the hole distance of the iron piece hanging from the cabinet. This must be measured beforehand, and then drilled on the wall with an electric drill. Finally, the cabinet is securely fixed to the wall.  Generally, the cabinet is placed 80 cm away from the ground. It can also be adjusted according to the height. It should be noted that it is best to consider the average height of the family and make a height that everyone can fit.
  3. Sub-cabinet and shelves. According to the hole position and the hole distance on the back panel of the cabinet, the position of the hole on the wall surface is measured. The electric drill is used to punch holes in the wall surface. Insert the plastic plug in the wall-mounted fitting into the hole, and then use the self-tapping screws to lock the cabinet to the wall. Pay attention to the level when installing.

For the installation of the storage cabinet of the bathroom, it is said that the overall installation is relatively convenient and easy. After reading the above introduction, I believe that you will be more comfortable in the future installation process.

Where you can buy?

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