Do You Know the kitchen color schems?

Do You Know the kitchen color schems?

How to match cabinet colors? We’ll choose cabinet according to our family style and kitchen decoration style when we’re going to decorate our kitchen. Cabinet color is very important, which can effect the whole kitchen pattern as well as its style. So how to chooe the kitchen color schems? Here Limitless Cabinet is going to introduce the cabinet color matching skills. You can learn some matching points.

  1.  The Color Matching of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

1.1 White Cabinet

White is a timeless color, pure, clean and elegant. White cabinet is simple but in good taste, neat and tidy, which especially suits for the people who enjoy a quiet and clean life. White can be matched with any other color, and create different effects. When it’s matched with black, the harmony gives people a low-key feeling, quiet and gentle.

white kitchen styles limitless cabinet

white kitchen styles limitless cabinet

1.2 Yellow Cabinet

Warm yellow cabinet is pure, classy and heart-warming. It adds warmth to the kitchen space, emphasizing the sense of harmony. In addition, the color system can also match with some blue, green systems to achieve diverse effects.

french provincial kitchen styles limitless cabinet

1.3 Log Color Cabinet

Log color cabinet has the breath of nature. It adds simple, elegant temperament to kitchen, to alleviate people’s visual fatigue, which particularly suits for the elderly, highlighting the stable personality. The color can match with light blue and dark green to have warm effect.

traditional kitchen styles limitless cabinet

1.4 Green Cabinet

Natural green, fresh and bright, always reflects the natural scenery. Placing yourself in such kind of kitchen, you can throw all the troubles and get peace to have meals. Matching with light green or light blue will make the kitchen with vigor and vitality as well.

french-provincial-kitchen style limitless cabinet

  1. Kitchen Color Schems Points

The colors in kitchen space are limited in three. Black and white are not counted. Even some professional designers can control deep color collocation, he/she may exceed three, or only exceed one or two colors. It’s not suitable to chose black cabinet in a small kitchen, because it can visually reduce space area. Light colors matched with can make up for the sense of space oppression, and make the room more spacious.

For the whole cabinet, it’s better to choose high bright colors, such as white, ivory, fruit green, blue and light yellow. In addition, orange red, orange yellow, brown and other jumping colors can simulate the appetite, adorned to get the crowning touch.

The above is the kitchen color schems. Now do you know how to match the cabinet door color? When choosing cabinet door color, we should base on our kitchen decoration. If our kitchen style is pastoral style, we can choose white cabinet door because it makes the home more harmonious and unified. The cabinet door color is better the same color rather than multi-colors, or it will look very out of order.

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