What Size of Kitchen Cabinet Height Is Reasonable?

What Size Of Kitchen Cabinet Height Is Reasonable?

The  kitchen  cabinet height of DIYkitchens should take the housewife whose fingers can touch the bottom of the sinks when she stands as standard. Too high can make the shoulder tired, and too low can make backache. Thus, how to design a reasonable kitchen cabinet height? Here Limitless Cabinet will explain in details.

Generally, the base worktable is divided into two levels, high and low. High size is 890- 910mm, which is the usual size in western countries; low size is 810- 840mm, which is commonly used in Hong Kong.

Size of Kitchen Cabinet Height

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Now, some kitchen cabinets can be adjusted by its legs to reach the appropriate size. From the surface of countertop to the bottom of wall cabinet, high size is 600mm; low size is 500mm. The kitchen layout and the worktable height should suit the housewife.

Recommended Size of Kitchen Cabinet Height

The stove with double heads is high 600mm, and put double- head stove on it, plus 150mm or 200mm, almost the same as the 810mm high worktable. If stove is above 600mm, the housewife will feel inconvenient when she cooks. If she uses flat stove(four-head stove, stove cabinet), the stove is better high as 890mm. Worktable and stove deepen 10mm, at least not less than 460mm. When the place is large, stove is preferably high 600mm. The height of lampblack machine should make stove 750mm away from the bottom. If the refrigerator dissipates in the back, you should leave 50mm to both side of it, and 250mm to top. Otherwise, when the heat dissipates slowly, the fridge’s function will be affected. As for the depth of wall cabinet, in the same kitchen, it’s better to use 300mm and 350mm(side wall, one depth) to place the large dishes.

When you stand, you should be able open the cabinet door with hands down, and reach the first wall cabinet with hands up. In the 600-1830mm space to place commonly used items, it’s called “Common Supplies Area”. Kitchen worktable cannot be less than 900mm*460mm, or it’s not enough to set the objects. If the place is not enough, you may consider to put the microwave, oven on the rack to make it work.

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