How to Install Kitchen Cabinet

How to Install Kitchen Cabinet

The cabinet installation of DIY Kitchens  is the necessary process of new house decoration for most of families who just purchase house. So, how to install kitchen cabinet ? What tools and materials do we need? What are the steps of cabinet installation?  Now, Limitless Cabinet gives a brief introduction to the cabinet installation process first, and then presents the tools needed in cabinet installation,the steps and the precaution of cabinet installation in details.

For cabinet combination, on-site installation is a quite important part.

The main procedures of cabinet installation include following steps:

1) assemble every single base cabinet– connect cabinet boards with triad screws after assembling the piece one by one.

2) install cabinet legs(adjustable legs)

3) connect the base cabinet

4) install hinges

5) install the kitchen cabinet doors of base cabinet

6) install wall cabinet (fix the expansion screws to the wall)

7) install side panel and end cap

8) install the kitchen cabinet doors of wall cabinet

9) use shelf-board screws to install the movable door panel

10) install the handles if there are



Cabinet installation tools/ materials:

Carpet, hammer, drill, impact drill, screwdriver, level instrument, steel, pencil, ink cartridge, boards


Cabinet installment method/ procedure:

  1. Lay the carpets first so as to prevent damage or scratch to the floor in the installation process, to reduce unnecessary loss.
  2. Separate different categories, such as carcass panel, side panel, and door panel.
  3. After you finish the classification, take out the small parts used for assembling cabinet body. The small parts include wood plugs, triad connections, Aluminium bags, and door hinges.
  4. When the connecting parts are well, you can start to assemble the cabinet carcasses.It contains floor, side panel, back-pull bags, etc. to assemble every single cabinet together.
  5. When the cabinets are assembled, you need install the legs of bottom base cabinet. After that, the installer starts to measure the heightsunified or not.
  6. The installer places the base cabinet side by side and adjusts the gap angle between every cabinet body. The same as wall cabinet, but the installer should measure the size first before the installation of wall cabinet, and next unifies the angle.

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