7 Common Problems In the Diy Kitchen Cupboards

Analysis of 7 Common Problems In the Diy Kitchen Cupboards

For your diy kitchen cupboards, It’s the cabinet basin that uses much water. Actually other places do not use much water. But we still need pay attention to the kitchen waterproof. The waterproof issue is mainly to ensure the position of the basin and other hydroelectricity line problems. It can have many considerations for the decoration. The followings are seven common notes for the diy kitchen cupboards. Please do not ignore it.


  1. Waterproof Problem

Inclination with the ground. The key point of basin is to do interface waterproof. Some owners think that the combined cabinet can avoid this problem, but in fact, it’s not. If a cabinet made of splint touches water, the water can be aired and dried. But the combined cabinet would be water swelling, which easily causes the surface fire board layer separated.

  1. Circuit Problem

There’ re many appliances in the kitchen, so the circuit reconstruction is also the key to the diy kitchen cupboards. In the transformation, expect the excellent quality wires and pipes, it’s better to use copper cores of 6 square millimeters in the kitchen with more appliances, which a single load can reach 7500w. If the wire is 4 square millimeters, it’s recommended to make the circuit to two single loops. In this way, each road can reach the load of 5500w.

  1. Unsafe to Use Materials in Unconventional Way

Unconventional use of materials, such as the toilet ground laid with broken colored wall tiles, and the wall paved with the elegant floor tiles. It seems to be out of ordinary, but in fact, it’s neither scientific nor safe. As we know, the wall tiles and the floor tiles cannot be mixed.

According to the paving place, indoor tiles can be divided into two types: wall tile and floor tile. The wall tiles are pottery, and the floor tiles are porcelain. There’ re large differences between them, from the clay materials to the burning process, which leads to the different water absorption rates. The water absorption rate of wall tiles is about 10%, which is several times higher than the floor tile whose water absorption rate is only 1%.

The floor tiles should be laid in the ground of toilet and kitchen, because the ground will always be washed by the water. So the tiles cannot be influenced by water vapor, and do not absorb stains. The wall tiles made of glazed pottery with high water content, and its back is rough, which facilitates the adhesive and makes the wall tiles firmly affixed to the wall. The floor tiles are not easy to stick on the wall. If the wall tiles are used in the ground, they will become too difficult to clean because of too much water absorption.

  1. The Material Choice of Facad Plane

4.1The kitchen ceiling should be made of flat aluminum gusset plate. Not recommended to use PVC, plastic and other strip materials, which is easy to deform downward.

4.2 The kitchen wall tiles should be the glazed tiles with bright surface. Without the guidance of designers, white and milky white are good to use. Tiles in bone color, dark and dark patterns are not good.

4.3 The kitchen floor tiles must be the anti-slip tiles. Even if there’s no water in the kitchen, it’s also easier to be greasy.

  1. Color Issue

As the saying goes, the kitchen is the battlefield of women. If some kitchen parts use bright yellow, red, blue and green when you diy kitchens, it does not only arouse the enthusiasm of the kitchen people, but also brings the visual pleasure to the cooking women. But it should be remembered that it’s not good to have too many bright colors in the kitchen. Kitchen is the place that’s easy to produce high temperature and soot, so too many and too bright colors will make people irritable.

In general, the kitchen should mainly use neutral colors, such as white, matched with other colors. Ivory kitchen looks clean and elegant. It’s better not to use yellow color with green elements, which is not convenient to clean, and also bad at the visual effect.

  1. Countertop Issue

The main types of kitchen countertops are natural stones(marble or granite) and artificial stones. These two materials, comparatively speaking, the former one has high hardness and the latter is soft but beautiful. But now on the market, the quality of artificial stones is uneven so you must be very careful with it in the purchase, and do not choose a one with ridiculous low price. When some countertop made of higher quality artificial stones has scratches, you can deal it with sandpaper. But the issue would be worse if your countertop is made of bad quality artificial stones, which strength and hardness cannot reach the requirements.

  1. Lamp Issue

In the kitchen, ceiling lamp with a cover is better to be used. There’s also an embedded lamp panel with a glass cover on the market now, which can also be used.

Please pay attention to these seven key issues of kitchen decoration. It can help you free from lots of troubles in the future. Hope that the above content can be helpful to everyone.

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