Custom Tatami Saves Your Home From Lumber Room

Custom Tatami Saves Your Home From Lumber Room

Today, we will talk about the custom tatami.


Just move into a new house,

But after one year,

Junk piled up, and the space is not enough to use. So what should We do?

Come and See how the people solve the storage troubles by custom tatami.


Case 1:

custom tatami

custom tatami

Teenager’s Room Setting

Study Space

From Ms Wang(Shanghai)


Ms Wang’s Home

² 2 living rooms&2bedrooms, 76 meter square

² Small kid room, no independent study space

² Too much kid clutters, such as books




Turn the bed into tatami, with desk on bed and bookshelves.

Desk, with bookshelves creates a full functional learning area. Tatami effectively receives clutters of kid, and make more room for the room.



Case 2:

custom tatami

custom tatami

Lounge Setting

Living room

From Mr. Lin(Guangzhou)


Mr. Lin’s Home

² Many friends, always entertain friends at home

² Just for a year, lounge room turns to lumber room

² Too much noise in the living room disturbs family


The integrated design of tatami and large storage cabinet has powerful ability to storage stuffs. The old clutters disappear. When the lift table of tatami is raised, you can enjoy good times with your friends to chat and drink. And when the couch is covered, your friends can stay the night.



Case 3:

custom tatami

custom tatami

Living Room Setting


From Miss Wan(Beijing)


Miss Wan’ s Home

² Single white collar, rent 1living room&1bedroom

² Clothing addict, enjoy purchase

² Small cabinet, clothes piled all over the bed


Tatami is installed on the one side of the tatami bed, which you do not need get off the bed to take clothes or change clothes. Interior scientific partitions, dividing hang are and piled area, make the clothes storage much easier.



Case 4:

custom tatami

custom tatami

Elder’s Room Setting

Display Area

From Mr. Li(Shenzhen)


Mr. Li’ s Home

² His father is 70 years old, who has an dependent room

² Collect lots of memory items and letters

² No space to storage these old stuffs


The family know the worry of the old man. Then they install a tatami in the elder’s room, which helps a lot in receiving the old stuffs. Tatami keeps the most valuable memories of the elder.


Read so many cases,

Do you get some inspirations?

Which space do you need most to improve the storage ability?

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