Various Custom Sideboards Make Kitchen Clean

Various Custom Sideboards Make Kitchen Clean

Why Are The Custom Sideboards So Important?

Because our way of life has changed. Except dining, Kitchen also has the function of display and storage. The custom sideboards are used to address these needs.

With the progress of times, our living standards are improving. In the kitchen decoration, more and more families change their previous ideas that just using the dining table chair, and no prefer a table chair and sideboard.

What Multifunctional Designs Do the Sideboards Have?

Bottom-to-Top Custom Sideboard

custom sideboards

The design of this sideboard is from the bottom to the top, with half open part to show exquisite dishes, wine, etc. and half close part to receive large items and gadgets. It saves the plane space, and maximizes the use of vertical space. The storage capacity is doubled than before.

Multifunctional Custom Sideboard

custom sideboards

In addition to the usual functions of storage and display, the sideboard also combines a bar, which can be used for office, drink, as well as the partition of guest hall and dining room. The practicability can get five stars.

Must-Have Sideboard for Liquor Lovers

custom sideboards

For the families who do not have high demand for storage, sideboard can be considered to use this kind of combined cabinet that is bar cabinet adds bar countertop. Occasionally you can drink with your love, and enjoy the world of two people. When guests come, you can show off the collection of a cabinet of wine. It’s very much to your credit.

Nice and Practical Custom Sideboard

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The space that integrates living room and dining room can adopt this kind of double side dining cabinet, which cannot only be used as partition, but also meet the demand of large capacity accommodation. The most important thing is that the simple and practical Nordic style looks nice. The dining room style is in a high level.

Space Saving Custom Sideboard

custom sideboards

The design directly turns the chair into the cassette type embedded into the cabinet, which saves the chair space and the deck below is used for storage. It’s an essential cabinet for small-sized apartment.

Money Saving Custom Sideboard

custom sideboards

A base cabinet is functioned as the storage for one dinning room. According to the home restaurant to customize the appropriate cabinet so that each item has its own position. This simple sideboard relatively saves the production costs, and is more customized.

Pretty Bourgeoisie Custom Sideboard

custom sideboards

This kind of sideboard is suitable for the dining room that’s small and without partition, which can divide the dining are. Sideboard and table are connected as a whole, collocated with a few tall stool, then you would get the sense that you are in an advanced restaurant. The wall cabinet of sideboard is used for decorative display, and the base part is for storage.

So Why don’t you choose a style of custom cabinets with us?

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