Look and Find, see if you can recognize the effect view and real shot!

Look and Find, see if you can recognize the effect view and real shot!

During this period, after seeing too much effect view on custom cabinets online, don’t you guys miss our real installation shot?

Whether or not, we take it as yes! Now it’s time to test your eyesight for telling the effect view from real shot. Be careful, they will be accidentally mistaken!

Which one is the real shot and which one is the effect view? Could you recognize them clearly?



In addition to Tatami, there are also many other room designs.

children's room effect view

Children’s room makes the effect view design into reality in your home.

effect view -01

real shot 01

See the furniture installed in advance at home. What a surprise!

effect view bedroom

real shot bedroom

Space, with the overall design, and style unity, but also in accordance with personal habits to design;

effect view kitchen

real shot kitchen

Dining room and kitchen are merged. Just turn around, you can put fragrant dishes on the table, and then light a few candles. Perfect !

That’s the end of today’s pictures. Could you recognize which is the effect view or real shot?

You have seen what you would get here in advance. Are you tempted?

Find your Custom Cabinets Expert below, we will arrange the designer for room service design !

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