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Custom Study Less Than 10 Square Meters? Still Make It Become Large Storage Room!

Custom Study Less Than 10 Square Meters? Still Make It Become Large Storage Room! custom study With housing prices rising rapidly, many families have to choose small apartment. By following the principle of “small but refined”, they finally make the full use of home space and make a small study. But how to make the study practical and good looking? Multi-functional combination cabinet study has become the new favorite of people who own small apartment. Four practical examples will be introduced [...]

Various Custom Sideboards Make Kitchen Clean

Various Custom Sideboards Make Kitchen Clean Why Are The Custom Sideboards So Important? Because our way of life has changed. Except dining, Kitchen also has the function of display and storage. The custom sideboards are used to address these needs. With the progress of times, our living standards are improving. In the kitchen decoration, more and more families change their previous ideas that just using the dining table chair, and no prefer a table chair and sideboard. What Multifunctional Designs Do the Sideboards Have? Bottom-to-Top Custom [...]

Look and Find, see if you can recognize the effect view and real shot!

Look and Find, see if you can recognize the effect view and real shot! During this period, after seeing too much effect view on custom cabinets online, don’t you guys miss our real installation shot? Whether or not, we take it as yes! Now it’s time to test your eyesight for telling the effect view from real shot. Be careful, they will be accidentally mistaken! Which one is the real shot and which one is the effect view? Could you recognize them clearly? In [...]

How Is Baking Paint Cabinet Door Panel?

How Is Baking Paint Cabinet Door Panel? There’ re various types of cabinet door panels for you when you would DIYkitchens or have custom cabinets, such as solid wood, fire boards, metal and baking paint etc. Cabinet door panels with different materials have different characteristics. Here, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of baking paint cabinet door panel. As the Chinese saying goes, “If you know yourself and your enemy, you’ll never lose a battle”, which means the more we know, the less we [...]

Types of Countertops

Types of Countertops What types of countertops would you choose? Kitchen decoration is very important part in the home furnishings. Kitchen Countertops are also the place that must not be overlooked. Whether the daily diet or the delicious food to serve the guest, they both come from kitchen– a vital place to make delicacy, and assemble kitchen utensils, sundries, as well as lampblack. If kitchen decoration is not good, it can deduce a person’ s interest in making tasty food, and be [...]

Precautions on the Design of Kitchen Counter Depth

Precautions on the Design of Kitchen Counter Depth The design of kitchen counter depth has a direct effect on kitchen work. In the kitchen, lots of items need to work in with countertop, such as putting ingredients, wash and cutting vegetables, placing appliances, etc. So its height and depth must be designed reasonably. Too high or too low cannot make user comfortable. Now, Limiless Cabinet will explain the kitchen counter depth and the precautions on its design in details for your Diykitchens. ktichen counter [...]

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