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How to place and install the modular combination storage cabinets

Intruduction Modular combination  storage cabinets ? The modular storage cabinet of the bathroom,kitchen,living room is quite useful. Because we want the home need to be clean and tidy, then we need to carry out simple storage. How to arrange and install the storage cabinet is a problem we should solve. Let’s take a look at what you need to pay attention to. modular combination storage cabinets How to install modular combination  storage cabinets Seal the package with a blade and take out the the storage [...]

how much is the ready made kitchen cabinets price? How to calculate the overall cabinet price?

Overview of ready made kitchen cabinets price : The overall kitchen cabinet on the market is a combination of kitchen cabinets, electric appliances, gas appliances, and kitchen appliances. The kitchen cabinet combination is characterized by the organic combination of cabinets and consoles, kitchen appliances, and various functional components. , And can also according to the customer’s kitchen structure, area, and to meet the individual needs of family members, but how much money a set of cabinets? How is the overall cabinet [...]

Custom Tatami Saves Your Home From Lumber Room

Custom Tatami Saves Your Home From Lumber Room Today, we will talk about the custom tatami.   Just move into a new house, But after one year, Junk piled up, and the space is not enough to use. So what should We do? Come and See how the people solve the storage troubles by custom tatami.   Case 1: custom tatami Teenager’s Room Setting Study Space From Ms Wang(Shanghai)   Ms Wang’s Home ² 2 living rooms&2bedrooms, 76 meter square ² Small kid room, no independent study space ² Too much kid clutters, such as books     Solution Turn the bed into [...]

Handmade Customized Furniture Makes Normcore (3rd Edition)

Handmade Customized Furniture Makes Normcore (3rd Edition) Come with Limitless Cabinet to see the nordic handmade customized furniture. Life is a journey, exploring and seeking without stop. However, home is the end of journey and the ascription in our heart. At the moment of life, we enjoy every tree and bush in nature, every side and bulk in space, which illustrates the ideal house at heart, and pursue the simple but warm happiness. handmade customized furniture The entrance hall is a long and [...]

Leaving A Hole In the Whole Wall Cabinet Is Very Practical

Leaving A Hole In the Whole Wall Cabinet Is Very Practical The whole wall cabinet is very popular because of its super large storage capacity. Today, I want to talk about the transformation of the whole wall cabinet. Leaving a hole does not only have the powerful storage function, but also can achieve multifunctional space. Audio-Visual Area If someone has the habit of watching TV before sleep, he/she can reserve space in the middle of the whole wall wardrobe to put the [...]

Nordic Style Is Not Normcore: This is a very nice house!

Nordic Style Is Not Normcore: This is a very nice house! Danes work an average of 33 hours every week, Finns work 40 hours per week, Nordics enjoy a 25-day paid vacation per year. …… Because of the cold, and the short-time sunlight, Nordics get out of work early at 4 or 5o’ clock. Thus, they have more time to enjoy life. Then, lifestyle changes into their homes, Which creates an elegant, pure and lovely Nordic Style.   The premise of Nordic style decoration: To practice the idea of “Less but [...]

Families Need Custom Furniture !

Families Need Custom Furniture ! Let’s take a look at what kind of custom furniture Limitless Cabinet have made for one of our customer. Customer Information Customer: Mr. Zhang Family composition: A Family of Three     Lifestyle interpretation Display cabinets – ultra-luxury admission Up to 12 meters of bespoke display cabinet, it adopts the structure of semi-open lattice. The size of the grid varies from place to place, while the overall arrangement is in order. The cabinet is made of   new teak, rough wood, delicate flax [...]

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