Prices and Buy

Prices and Buy

It’s easy to calculate the cost. You only need to sum up the total area of the cabinet doors and then multiply by the following cost of square feet.

Kitchen Door Prices

The whole kitchen includes the carcasses, doors, countertops, sinks&taps and other kitchen accessories. Thus the price seems more complicated and personalized. We would quote the basic carcasses as below just for your reference. Meanwhile please email us with all your requirements and get a free 3D design with quotation quickly.


The Limitless Modular Storage Systems are totally designed by you.

Step 1 : Please firstly get to know how it works.

Basic Parts
How to design modular cubes

Step 2 : Please choose the basic side panels, in order to build up the main structure.

Sizes Basic Panels

Step 3 : Add partion panels, various doors, drawers, feet and other accessories.

Please send us your ideas to Our professional designers will help you to have a free 3D picture and the costs will be got at once.

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