What Is the Integrated Kitchen?

What Is the Integrated Kitchen?

The integrated Kitchen is a multifunctional appliance that combines the functions of disinfection cabinet, range hood and storage cabinet, etc. Its design idea fuses the new concept of modern kitchen appliance integration, which makes the kitchen combination more harmonious, more humane and more reasonable.

The following Limitless Cabinet will tell you the main components and the detailed functions of the integrated kitchen.

  1. Super Large Shelf:

    It uses space artfully, and can be placed daily necessaries, such as oil, salt, soy, vinegar, and tea, etc. It’s easy for you to take and use, which gives you a clean kitchen space.

  2. Range Hood:

    Structurally, the range hood is its core component.

    According to the way of exhausting oil smoke, the integrated kitchen can basically divided into 3 types: suction(deep well), side suction and clamshell.

    On this basis, because of the different structure, it also derives some different types, such as 3-side suction, mixing suction, upright style, split type and lifting type, etc.

    Side suction integrated kitchen adopts the principle of air micro power. The lower device of the kitchen with great concentration blocks the upward diffusion of soot, which makes the oil smoke rate reaching at 99.8%, and the soot can be cleaned thoroughly. Even the fried chili has no choking taste.

    The electric steam has the automatic cleaning function, which keeps the wind wheel and the inner part of the smoke collecting hood permanently clean. The smoke machine can be kept clean and very convenient to operate.

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Integrated Kitchen


  1. Gas Cooker:

    In the aspect of use, the cooker is its main functional part.

    According to the different combustion modes, it can be divided into with 2-gas cooker, 1 gas and 1 electricity cooker, 1 gas and 1 infrared cooker, and 2-electricity cooker, etc. Environmental cooker adopts the most advanced five-cavity driven in China. So the combustion system has the advantage of more powerful flame and easy-to-replaced gas burner.

    The control system is equipped with accidental flame out protection device. When the water is boiling or the food accidentally overflows, the flame will be extinguished. The control valve can be quickly shut off, and the gas channel is cut off to prevent accidents.

  1. Touch Screen:

    It uses the programmed, intelligent and user-friendly design.

    Large VFD display screen has humanized dynamic display, which is vivid and intuitive. The fan can automatically turn on when the fire is on. Sterilizing and drying can be completed at one go. The fan is delayed to shut down. The fire can be switched on with zero second. The induction cooker can check pot, shut down automatically, which achieves the accurate control of the work process.

  1. Gas Cooker Knob:

    It can adjust the firepower, which is simple and easy to operate. with the electronic timing function. 1 to 120mins of the electronic timing helps you precisely to control the cooking time, and to cook easily.

  2. Disinfection Cabinet:

    It cannot only disinfect or dry the dishes, but also store the matching stuffs, which adopts high concentration ozone disinfection technology–sterilization without leaving dead corners. It can dry dishes at moderate temperate, and heat them rapidly. The machine saves electricity, and makes low noise due to the ball bearing slide. Disinfection, drying and storage are handy and easy.

  3. Super Oil Cup:

    It’s a drawer style oil collecting box with large capacity. Easy to clean,in one step.


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