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What is RTA(Ready-To-Assemble)kitchen cabinets

RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) furniture, which is called assembly furniture or modular parts assembly furniture. It is a furniture featuring the production, sales and on-site assembly of components. It clarifies the concept of “components and products”. RTA components are standardized and serialized, and high-quality products with high precision or computer control guarantee high quality. The connection of the plates is made by the flat joint method, and the round boring and the hardware can be assembled smoothly without any modification. Therefore, RTA furniture can be summarized as “part + interface”.

How to buy cheap discount RTA Kitchen Cabinets?

The professional collaborative production method of RTA furniture makes the company’s focus on the overall design of the product, technical quality standards and quality control, product sales. The product is decomposed into several parts, and the subsidiary or the related enterprise is collaborated to produce. For the subsidiary, the “component is the product”, the degree of specialization is high, and the quality and efficiency are naturally high.
RTA sales method is “parts supply, on-site assembly”. Flat pack kitchen cabinets not only reduces the cost of transportation and inventory, but also reduces the risk of damage during transportation. It has greater flexibility in sales and assembles furniture for customers themselves. Conditions are provided.
It can be seen from the above that the design idea of RTA is not focused on the result of finished kitchen, but on every detail of customer use, retail sales and production process. The pursuit of perfection of the process reflects a new design concept, as well as the design concept of respecting, protecting and facilitating people from time to time. Designers are required to go deeper into understanding and experiencing the way people live and behave.

rta kitchen cabinets

rta kitchen cabinets

How is the market popularity of RTA Kitchen Cabinets?

RTA furniture has a market share of more than 40% in Europe and 70% in the UK. Although the United States started late, the annual growth rate has exceeded 20% in recent years. It can be said that RTA furniture will become the modern kitchen cabinet manufacturing.


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