Why choose Custom Kitchens?

Why choose Custom Kitchens?

When we talk about the large furniture choice in the family decoration, we always fall into the predicament that which one is better, the custom  kitchens or the self-made cabinet? Many people think they can hire some craftsmen to make their own furniture. In this way, they can choose the materials personally, and have a full supervision to ensure the quality of the products. But in the practice, they suddenly see the light that making furniture by themselves is not only a waste of time or energy, but also an over-expenditure that costs more than the customized one. Besides, the quality and appearance are incommensurable with the facts. The following I’ll give the reason why we should choose the custom kitchens rather than the self-made one for Diykitchens.

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1.Good Materials Are Also Expensive

We always think the high-end customized cabinet of some big brands is good, but the price is too high. Thus we want to go to the building material market to buy the same material, and then find a carpenter to make it. However, we may not notice that the expense we spend on materials, transportation, and carpenter’s wages is far beyond the price of customized cabinet.

2. Takes Time and Energy but the Result Is Not Satisfactory

The intention of choosing homemade cabinet is to hope the cabinet can be made according to our own references and needs. But it always fails in the end, because of the limit of technological level. It’s not able to do this and that, so finally we make do with it. And it’s impossible to give up the work because it has already taken lots of money and time. Even if we stop it, the carpenter’s wages should also be paid. Even if it’s a pit, we have no choice but to jump in.

3. No Place to Ensure Our Right When Issues Occur

The cooperation relation of homemade cabinet completely ends after the carpenter hands over the products and takes over the wages. In other words, any problem occurs in the use it, we can only solve it by our own. And because many hardware accessories are produced by the informal manufactures, so it’s difficult to find the right specifications, which makes difficulty in maintenance.

4. Ambiguous Function Division Makes Cooking like Fighting

The carpenters always have several modes of their own to make cabinets, but these patterns usually have been unable to meet the demand of the people for cabinets. There’s no clear function division or enough space for storage room. And it makes us in a hurry when cooking. At this time, we must feel exhausted and regret why we fancy ourselves smart at the beginning.

In conclusion, choosing a customized cabinet of a big brand except a little high price, there’s no worry for the product’s quality, shape, process and function. The more you need do is to spend more time to find a style you love. There’ re professional designers and installers to provide services from design to make, from installation to customer service. If any problem arises, a phone call can solve. No worry about the rear.
Custom with other material , such as glass or mirror, We can custom with Glass Applications.


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