How to custom kitchen cabinets online

How to custom kitchen cabinets online?

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According to self-demand points to create exclusive advanced custom kitchen,  the overall kitchen decoration needs to be considered from the following aspects so that cooking is more freedom:

First, checking the operating platform height when you custom kitchen cabinets online

When working in the kitchen, the height of the operating platform plays a decisive role in preventing fatigue and turning around. When you bend your body forward 20 degrees for a long time, it will have a great load on your waist, and in the long run, the back pain also comes along. Therefore, the height of the platform must be determined according to your height.

Second, the lighting layout

How to customize your own unique kitchen?

The lighting of the kitchen needs to be divided into two levels: one is the lighting of the entire kitchen, and the other is the lighting of washing, preparation, and operation. The latter generally arranges partial lights in the lower part of the cabinet, sets up convenient switch gears, and also has a well-functioning range hood, which generally has lights, which is sufficient for cooking.

Third, embedded in the kitchen cabinets of electrical equipment

The prestige area is relatively modest, and the electric appliances are also brought into the kitchen. It is convenient and convenient for everyone to have a refrigerator, an oven, a microwave oven, a dishwasher, and the like arranged in a proper position in the kitchen cabinet to facilitate opening and use. bathroom cabinets fully assembled.

Fourth, the cabinet in the kitchen is best made into a draw

Push-pull, so that it is easy to pick and place, the vision is better. The wall cabinets are generally made of 30 to 40cm wide multilayer lattices, doors are made to open, or folded sliding doors form.

Fifth, make full use of effective space

custom kitchen cabinets online

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How to customize your own unique kitchen?

The gap between the wall cabinet and the operation platform can generally be used. It is easy to pick up some utensils needed for cooking in the middle, and some can also be used as simple rolling shutters to prevent dust from falling from small appliances, such as food processing machines, toasters, etc. .

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