The Choice of Custom Cabinet Doors

The Choice of Custom Cabinet Doors

In the kitchen, custom cabinet doors are the face, which is important as human’s face. Thus the choice of them is very essential. The following we’re going to talk about the purchase of kitchen cabinet doors.

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Solid Wood Custom Cabinet Doors

To keep natural color and beautiful appearance, the solid wood plate is mainly on cherry color and walnut color. The frame is solid wood, and the door panel is MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard) with veneer, so as to ensure the special visual effect of solid. The combination of the frame and the door panel also can ensure the the strength of door which can not be cracked or deformed. But its daily maintenance should be careful.

Plastic Custom Cabinet Doors

Rich in colors. Its wood grain is realistic and monochrome shade of color is pure and bright. No crack, no deformation, scratch resistance, heat resistance, anti pollution and anti fading. It’s the most mature material in the cabinet door plates. The daily maintenance is simple.

Baking Paint Custom Cabinet Doors

The plate can make different shapes. The paint surface is smooth and bright. Mainly in monochrome, no wood grain series. High temperature resistance, water stain resistance and anti fading. But you need take care of it daily, and keep it from scratch and collation.The quality of it varies greatly from different manufactures.

Fire-Proof Custom Cabinet Doors

Rich in colors. It has various forms of edge banding and the price is moderate. It’s plat and not easy to deform, beautiful and practical. Wear resistance, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, anti penetration, anti moisture, non-fading and exquisite.

Metal Custom Cabinet Doors

The latest European fashion color, bold style and personalized design with sense of the times, calm temperament bring a breath of fresh to the troubles of the kitchen life. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life. The structure is the imported metal or metal-proof plate, which the surface of density plate is under oxidation process and brushed finely. The daily maintenance is simple.

Clad Custom Cabinet Doors

Rich in colors. Its frame and double panels can be collocated arbitrarily, which fully reflects personality fashion. The structure with frame and door panel is stable, no deformation and no need to edge. The basic material is MDF, which is wrapped with scratch PP and the door plate is double color board. The daily maintenance is simple.

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