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About Us

LIMITLESS CABINET is a kitchen cabinet manufacturer and an online seller of diy kitchen Cabinets, kitchen doors, custom cabinets and other custom furniture. We used to be known as ALEX-STAND for manufacturing AV furniture and TV stands since 2003. In 2015, we began to produce made-to-measure products for the global market.

As a factory in China, we have ever cooperated with many resellers from different countries. We notice that the retail prices of bespoke furniture is quite high in the local market.
However, since shopping via the internet has become more and more popular in the world, it enables us to provide quality custom cabinets online to the consumers worldwide directly.

So why don’t you contact Limitless Cabinet?


What you get from LC,  A DIY Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturer ?

At Limitless Cabinet, DIY Kitchens / Custom Cabinets can always bring you a lot of surprises.

1. Cost
The investment of custom cabinets is often large to a family, as you might have to order at a local factory  and afford the high labor cost. It is, in the past,hard to change. But in recent years, with the gradual rise of cross-border E-commerce, the international logistics become more and more mature, which enables you to order customized products from abroad. Therefore, the expenses of DIY Kitchens and custom furniture are greatly reduced and the life burden decreases accordingly. Generally, you could SAVE AROUND 50%-70% COST compared to the shops near your house.

2. Personalized
Personalized customization will help you take full use of your kitchen space and maximize the kitchen storage function. At the same time, it will meet your aesthetic tastes well and the kitchen is almost completely the dream one.

3. Quality
With top raw materials and production processes, we believe that the quality could be guaranteed well.
We also understand that the top kitchen haredware is very necessary. Thus BLUM and HIGOLD are chosen for you.

custom cabinets

Kitchen Doors

If you would like to remodel your kitchen and just order kitchen doors , LimitlessCabinet could be a good seller too. With a wide range of door styles and  multiple colors and finishes, we believe you are able to find what you need.

kitchen doors

Modular Cabinets

Meanwhile we are not only a cabinet maker, but also an original designer of  a variety of modular furniture which enables you to diy storages with your limitless imagination. And that’s why we are named as Limitless Cabinet .

TV stand, Bookcases, Nightstand, Sideboards and other storage units, all could be assembled with some basic panels and special connecting hardware.

modular system storage

Five Star

I have been shopping around for cabinet for a while. Limitless Cabinet offer the best customer service. The reps are very patient, honest and helpful. They will help you set up your dream kitchen.  —–  By Martin D.  

Five Star

It was great working with LC, for my kitchen remodel. Will, from their design team was great to work with. He had excellent ideas for the layout and also made sure I had everything I needed to complete the install. The cabinets were very easy to assemble and install. This was my first time using RTA cabinet and I would not hesitate to use them again. LC is a great value for the quality of cabinets they deliver. I will definitely use LC in the future for my cabinet needs. Sincerely Joyce  —– By Joyce L.   


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